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re: how large a fan do i need?
17 may 2002
george l ghio   wrote:

> dont neet a fan just some vents at top and bottom.

good idea, george. since the generator isn't in the room, ron might
remove 2511 w (8567 btu/h) of heat from the room with a couple of 4 ft^2
vents and an 6' height difference with 8567 = 16.6x4xsqrt(6)dt^1.5, ie
a temp rise dt = 14 f. ought to work in maine in the wintah. 

altho that won't allow him to keep his batteries and inverters as cold as
possible to lower the self-discharge rate and make them last longer, while
allowing them to warm up on occasions when more capacity is required... 


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