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re: dehumidify basement?
27 may 2002
~^johnny^~   wrote:

> (gary heston) wrote:
>>got an old window unit ac sitting around?

>>set it down there, bypass the thermoastat, set a bucket under the
>>drain, and turn it on. empty bucket periodically.
>it will work,  but not as efficiently as a dehumidifier so designed.

dehums don't seem very efficient compared to acs. i added the kwh
consumed to the number of pints produced (/3.41) then divided by the
number of kwh to get a cop of 1.6 vs 3 or so (seer/3.41) for a good ac. 

>the bf (bypass factor) of the evaporator coils on an air cond is too
>low,  which pushes the shf (sensible heat factor) way above optimum
>for dehumidification and heating...

can we fix that with some newspaper or duct tape? :-)

>worse still, a direct corollary of a lower bp is a higher face velocity
>(air over in fpm),  which increases carryover from liquid to vapor on
>the outside surface of the cold coil (evaporator).

the cold air exits with entrained water?
the duct tape might help with that as well.

>sometimes,  though,  ventilation and air movement is all you need.
>bring warmer,  drier air down from upstairs,  circulate it,  then
>exhaust it outdoors.

sounds good to me.


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