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re: solar dehydrator
30 may 2002
ian carson  wrote:

>looking to build the dehydrator in the following article. does anyone have
>any better design or feedback on this design.

this looks like a carefully thought-out design with lots of
experimentation :-) i'd opt for vinyl-coated vs stainless
shelves (at $12 vs $120?)

also, it looks like they haven't figured out how to control the airflow
for optimal drying. how would we do this? they say foods dry faster at
higher temps, but temps above 160 or so are deleterious. a pv fan with
a 160 f thermostat might be useful, or a $12 automatic foundation vent
that opens around 150 f.

it would also be interesting to somehow incorporate a desiccant
like licl for drying at night. we might use the box to evaporate
water from a desiccant solution when there are no crops to dry,
eg from november through june...


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