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re: air conditioner modifications?
1 jun 2002
chuckles   wrote:

>...there is a way to "make cold", but it only works well in bone-dry 
>areas. it is called a desert cooler. the coolth comes from the latent 
>heat taken up by evaporating water, so there is no heat to dump outside. 
>of course the water has to come from somewhere.

and go somewhere. humid air diffuses and rises. warm air rises.
we might live in a box with an open top and a cool dry air pool
near the bottom and a fountain that turns off when the air near
the bottom reaches 60% rh, using diffusion and bouyancy to advantage,
vs the usual swamp cooler mixing. that would use less energy.
how much would it improve performance?

in more humid climates, we might have a greenhouse still on the roof
concentrating a desiccant pool, with condensation dripping down into 
an enclosed swamp full of plants which evaporate water and cool the
house, as humid air rises back into the greenhouse.


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