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re: rainwater toilet experiments
22 jun 2002
joelncaryn  wrote:

>>it's surprising that boiling, ozone, iodine, and so on are not choices...
>>from what i can tell, pa has no regulations about drinking rainwater.
>>our county boh privately admits that a little coliform is cool. 
>as i understood it, those other alternatives were more expensive per ga.

we might consider pasteurization free, if it's done by the water heater,
or with a good heat exchanger. i'm only planning on running rainwater
into the toilet and the water heater. 

>we have no regulations here about drinking rainwater either, but
>we do treat water coming down the canals with actual birds and
>fish living in it and so forth.

makes sense...

>a little coliform is cool; there's a cap on it though, just as there is for
>nitrate and nitrites and arsenic.  "coliform too numerous to count" is not
>"a little", anymore than "arsenic too numerous to count" is "a little".

sure. i seem to recall our boh gang saying 5-10 coliform colonies/100 ml
is ok for drinking, by older standards. then again, these should be mostly
dead, after the heater, and i don't plan on drinking the hot water (or
toilet water :-) btw, that 25 micron ge filter delivers 1.5 gpm with 6'
of head, when new.

>there's a restriction in place for max. coliform for dairy cattle,
>let alone people.

i wonder what it is for people.

>>>>>btw, the recommendation our utility makes for hot water heaters is
>>>>>"no lower than 120f", so you won't get legionnaires...

>> is it the buggers never find comfy conditions as they travel
>>from warm (phoenix outdoors) to "cold" (phoenix indoors)...

>they do, and then they get flushed right through the house and into your

that would happen no matter what the water heater temp.

>>if we can't kill prions, we're doomed, in an absolute sense.
>>why bother trying to kill anything else?
>are you vaccinated?

well yes. sensible people (vs seos and bhos) live by probabilities,
balancing prevention costs with the risks and penalties of mishaps. 


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