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re: new technologies
30 jul 2002
anthony matonak   wrote:

>let's see, your friend has a revolutionary new technology but he is so 
>paranoid that he won't talk to anyone and he doesn't have the funds, 
>talent, training, education or whatever else it takes to develop it alone.

he might get david pressman's nice nolo press book, "patent it yourself." 

>they have two options. the first, and my favorite, is to release the 
>invention to the public domain. they won't make a cent on it but if
>it works then it will revolutionize the world and the technology 
>won't be lost.

that's called a "defensive publication." once it is well-described in
public, nobody else can patent it. then again, if nobody can make money
manufacturing it with patent protection, that may inhibit proliferation. 

>the other option is to find good people who will not
>kill them or steal the idea and trust them enough to let them help. 

people like that are very hard to find.

>oddly enough, there are more good people out there than many people
>might think and some people actually can be trusted. 

many can be trusted to steal :-) i'd say the easiest way to market
an invention is to get a patent, send letters offering licenses to
a few companies, then wait for them to steal the idea and sue them
for treble damages. 

nick, patent agent ex-cathedra.

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