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re: living in pa
5 sep 2002
elaine jackson  wrote:

>>  we have "sunshades" for the summer -- fabric or foil stretched
>>between wires that spring open when unfolded to cover the windshield.

these would be more efficient on the outside of the windshield.

>...i weasle out of using mine as much as i can because getting into
>a 130f+ car and wrestling with a bulky folding sunshade while stifling
>in the heat is more fun than i can appreciate...

maybe you need a white car with a white cloth over the front windshield
and an exterior brise-soleil ("slats") over the back one and ventilation
holes near the floor and ceiling. you might roll down the windows a bit
and open the trunk lid some, with a bicycle lock to deter thieves.

full sun is about 250 btu/h-ft^2. an unshaded back windshield might
collect 2k btu/h. a square foot of roof vent 4' above the floor would
limit the inside temp to about (2k/(16.6sqrt(4))^(2/3) = 15 f above
the outside temp.


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