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re: any white dust free, cool mist, low maintenance humidifier?
13 oct 2002
dave c.  wrote:

>> it takes lots of energy to evaporate water, which greatly increases
>> the house heating bill, even if we turn down the thermostat slightly.
>what are you talking about?

energy, as in 1000 btu/pound of water.

>my whole house console humidifier adds pennies to my monthly electrical bill.

consider your heating bill. a 32x32x16' house with 2 ach and inside air
at 70 f and 50% rh leaks 32x32x16x2x24 = 786k ft^3/day (546 cfm) of air
to the outdoors, weighing 0.075x786k = 58982 lb. it contains 0.00787x58982
= 464 pounds of water vapor. the air that flows in contains 0.0025x58982
= 147 pounds of water vapor in phila in january. the difference is 317
pounds of water vapor. it takes 317k btu/day (about 3 gallons of oil, or
$100 per month) to evaporate this water. 


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