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re: solar power home heating.
8 dec 2002
news  wrote:

>> i estimated they would move about 4.4 btu/h-f-ft as normally installed,
>> and 44% more if installed inside a wall or next to a wall with a slot
>> at the top and bottom.

> nick, why the 44% increase by being basically in a box?

warm air rises, and the conductance from tube fins to air is roughly
proportional to the air velocity, which is proportional to the square
root of the "chimney height," maybe 6" for normal baseboard mounting,
vs 8' using a wall cavity. 

this is what makes "convectors" (and helio-aero-gravity towers) work.
a convector is a baseboard radiator with a taller box with openings
at the top and bottom. 


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