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re: building with icfs in new england?
24 dec 2002
foolyap   wrote:
>>> ...we don't have the exposure for solar.  too many trees...
>> tant pis.

>sorry, is that english? :-)

no. that is french for "too bad." you might remove some trees,
in keeping with our president's forest fire prevention program
("simply remove the trees" :-) a 50' tree shades about 100' at
noon on 12/21...
>...could you please point me at some data to show why sips are a better
>insulator than icfs?

i don't have any icf data. you might look it up somewhere, but use the real
vs bogus icf "effective r-value." premier's 8" sips have a real r32. an 8"
icf with a few inches of concrete inside would have less, weigh more, take
longer to build, and probably cost more.
>> a house with little thermal mass might have to air condition when it's
>> 80 f outdoors and heat when it's 60. the concrete inside an icf can help
>> in that case. it doesn't help much in "hot" or "cold" climates when
>> the average outdoor temp is over 80 or less than 60 for months at a time. 
>so, they're equivalent to sips in those conditions, you're saying?



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