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re: cooling of pv modules (was calculating windload...)
26 dec 2002
solar guppy  wrote:

>your calculations , estimates and your basic program are all just a
>hypothesis at this point...

agreed, but the science seems well-proven. nrel measures real weather data.
newton's law of cooling has been tested for some 300 years :-)

>the point getting lost in the back and forth is as any scientist ,
>you need to apply your theories into real systems.

i intend to do that, altho i don't think of myself as a scientist, and
i'd say that's not a requirement for being a scientist or an engineer. 

>pv has been around for 40 plus years , the suggestions you make are not new.
>if there was a large delta improvement in performance without cost (includes
>building and maintaining) then simply put , it would be in wide usage ,
>which it isn't.

that's one argument. then again, there are many ways to do something wrong. 

>one easy thing to do and i have built this is to have season adjustable
>mounts ... this is yielding better than 11% over fix mount systems that are
>set to angle=latitude .. so your best water cooled system with fixed mounts
>won't be as good as my simple , adjust 4 times a year mounts in total power

this also seems interesting, altho i like automatic systems.


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