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poly film pillow hydronic collector
5 jan 2003
i've got my $118 70 w "hand wheel sealer," model number aie-rs1 from hillas
packaging in fort worth. it's a 2" teflon-coated hot roller (adjustable from
150 to 300 f) with a wooden handle. they say it works on polyethylene film.
now i'm wondering how to make a low-cost solar heat collector...

i'm thinking of heat sealing two $7 12'x12' pieces of 6 mil 4-year uv
greenhouse polyethylene film together with internal vertical seams on
3" centers, enough to withstand a 4' water head. this would lay on a dark
shallow-sloped roof or pv array, squeezed between pvc perimeter pipes.

the 1.5" in and out water pipes might connect through the front surface
of the film via bulkhead connectors thru hard plastic flanges on each
side of the film at the upper left and lower right corners. this would
allow a drain-down system so the film could contain stagnant water in
summertime to prevent overheating. 

what do you think?


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