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re: underground homes
6 jan 2003
"cheryl giles"  wrote:

> >while energy saving, moisture is serious a problem.  mold, mildew.

steve spence  replied:

>> >only if the wall temperature is colder than the air temperature. easily
>> >fixed with insulation and ventilation.

>> how would you do this, exactly, steve?

>> >see

>because the insulation is on the outside of the concrete, the wall temps
>stay at indoor temps, not outside temps.

at 30 f outdoors and 70 f indoors, a square foot of r30 wall looks like this:

        r30   |  r0.67               i = (70-30)/r30.67 = 1.3 btu/h and
30 f ---www---*---www--- 70 f.       t = 30+r30i = 69.1 f, which doesn't
        ------------->                   depend on the concrete location.
if the dew point of the indoor air is higher than 69.1 f, there will be
condensation on the inside wall surface, moreso with the concrete on the
inside. people need to breathe air. this is a summertime problem. how can
it be fixed with "insulation and ventilation"? 

>you need to understand their building technique.

i've been to italy tx, and gave a talk on solar heating these domes
at the first mdi conference.


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