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re: rainwater recovery, cisterns, etc.
15 jan 2003
anthony matonak   wrote:

>keith michaels wrote:
>> i want a cheap way to capture rain from the downspouts and use it to
>> water the garden.  i need at least 1000 gallon capacity.  commercial
>> tanks cost from $700-$1000 for above ground tanks...

tractor supply sells a 1500 gallon polyethylene ag tank for $419.
it weighs 285 lb empty.

>look around for used swimming pools for sale at the end of the summer. :) 

i've seen ads for new 24' diam x 4' deep pools for $500 in the fall.

>you could also talk to folks about what it takes to build a pond. these
>are basically just shallow holes in the ground with a plastic liner. 

it doesn't have to be a hole. maybe just a perimeter earth berm.
you might line the "hole" with newspaper to avoid poking holes
in the liner and cover the plastic film exposed to the sun with
a strip of epdm rubber.

>i found an article in backwoods home magazine "first two years" book
>describing how to build a ferro-cement water tank. their example is
>4 feet tall and 7.5 feet in diameter, stores about 1100 gallons, uses
>66 cubic feet of cement, 3 sheets of 1/2" plywood, and misc. 2x4's, 
>metal straps, chicken wire, plastic sheeting, rebar and so forth. 

yuck. i can imagine making something larger like this with t-posts
and welded wire fencing and high-tensile fence wire and plastic film.


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