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re: misleading arguments in wind vs. fossil fuel debate
21 jan 2003
nick pine  wrote:

>d & l thompson  wrote:

>>let us assume that the resistance of power line wire is 1 ohms per mile...

>table 6.2 on page 6-5 of the 5th (1990) edition of the electrical
>engineering reference manual (a pe review text from professional
>publications, inc., belmont, ca 94002) by raymond b. yarbrough, pe has
>a list of steel-reinforced aluminum transmission line characteristics...
>name         rac at 50 c, ohms per mile...

>falcon       0.0667
>bluebird     0.0515.

more recently, it appears basin electric power coop in north dakota and
others are looking to increase transmission capacity by "reconductoring"
existing towers with this new wire...

new composite wire for overhead transmission lines
subject of 3m, edf joint development program

st. paul, minn.,--march 17, 1998-- a new lightweight, high-performance
conductor reinforced with 3m aluminum matrix composite wire for use in
overhead power transmission cables will be jointly developed by 3m and
electricite de france (edf). the composite conductor is being developed to
increase transmission capacity, reduce costs and meet environmental goals.
the agreement announced today will span three development phases during a
four-year period. the first two phases are focused on basic evaluation and
feasibility of the conductor, while the final phase involves full
characterization and testing. both 3m and edf will fund its own development
activities and, as part of the program, edf will purchase its material
requirements from 3m...

3m provides its experience in developing and manufacturing metal matrix
composites and ceramic fibers to the project, and will concentrate its
activities in those areas. this expertise is a result of significant prior
investments in this technology made by 3m and the u.s. defense advanced
research projects agency. edf is a world leader in utility technologies and
will concentrate on conductor design, testing, evaluation and related work.
the composite wire is reinforced with 3m patented nextelt ceramic fibers.
compared to steel, the composite wire is projected to provide two to three
times the strength to weight ratio, four times the electrical conductivity,
less than half the thermal expansion and reduced corrosion. these are the
most important factors for conductor performance.

conductors reinforced with this wire are projected to provide significant
performance gains compared to the conductors in use today. these conductors
are being developed for use in reconductoring applications to increase
ampacity (the measure of power) by an anticipated 40 to 100 percent. the new
conductor offers the potential for reduced construction costs, lower
electrical losses, and use of existing structures and right-of-way.

3m is a diversified manufacturing company with 1996 sales of $14.2 billion.
with operations in more than 60 countries, 3m employs more than 70,000
people. headquartered in st. paul, minnesota, usa, 3m is a manufacturer of
more than 50,000 products for the industrial, commercial, consumer and
health care markets.

edf is one of the world's largest electric utilities, employing 117,000
people. the public corporation supplies electricity to all of france and is
a large exporter to other portions of europe. it has a strong focus on
international business and is heavily involved in power generation,
transmission and engineering projects in central and south america, africa,
the middle east, asia and eastern europe. during 1996 it devoted more than
$600 million (u.s.) to research and development.


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