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re: misleading arguments in wind vs. fossil fuel debate
22 jan 2003
dave gower  wrote:

>"glenn wardell"  wrote:

>>...the wind doesn't blow all the time.  the intermittent nature of wind is
>>used by opponents to make the source sound unreliable.

nothing is completely reliable.

>>in fact, electric grids already have to deal with variable demand and
>>unavailability of conventional plants from time to time.  whatever comes
>>from wind turbines can be used, the remainder made up by other sources.

at a certain price, and a more valuable price if a wind turbine or pv site
(even a small one) has some storage and can supply energy on demand when
the bid price is attractive. 
>it depends on how long your vision extends. with present technology, this is
>true. but technology is constantly changing. there are many promising
>avenues of research into electrical storage (capacitors, flywheels, improved
>batteries, etc)...

the utility world seems old-fashioned and insular with its own jargon and
priests who make confusing distinctions between generation and capacity
failures, windmills becalmed, pvs at night, bad weather, and routine
maintenance, often ignoring the fact that customers just want reliable
service, and don't much care why power outages happen.


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