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re: frugal fridge operation?
28 jan 2003
derald martin   wrote:

> wrote:

>>...i used to think putting some plastic bottles full of water in the
>>freezer was a way to keep it working less

>	it is, if the alternative is an empty or nearly-empty freezer.

would you have any evidence for this article of faith? :-)

>remember that the appliance's thermostat(s) is(are) reading the
>temperature of the _air_ inside the fridge, not that of the actual
>goodies. the more nearly full the 'fridge, the more stable the inside
>temperature is.

who cares? even empty fridges have thermal mass, as does _air_, and goodies
integrate temperature swings. this has little to do with energy consumption.
nor food preservation.

>each time the fridge is opened, the cooled air dumps out on the floor
>and is replaced by warm room air. the smaller the volume of air along
>with the relatively greater heat sink provided by the contents, the
>less likely the appliance is to cycle when the door is opened.

who cares? starting a cycle takes about 1 btu of electrical energy, about
$0.00003 per cycle, or $0.0002 for 8 cycles per day, or $0.007 for a month,
enough for a very small cup of coffee. more fridge contents with more surface
condense more water out of the room air that flows through the fridge when
the door is open. evaporating this condensation takes energy.

>it is the highspeed evaporative airflow across the slick plastic interior
>that prevents dew formation and frost buildup in modernday appliances.

only if the slick plastic is a soothing blue color :-)


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