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re: keep small freezer outside in winter to save energy???
15 feb 2003
bill of the jungle wrote:

>if its that cold, why use a freezer at all? why not just a well insulated
>cold box and let nature do the freezing?

that might work marginally for dec, jan and feb in phila, with 23.6, 100.6
and 59.8 freezing degree days per month (1003 hours at an average 32-4.4 f.)
the rest of the year has 5340 melting dd at the average daily min temps.
we might make an outdoor fridge, a modern icehouse...

a 12'x12'x8' 2" foamboard box might have frozen waterwalls around it,
r50 strawbales around that, waterwalls around that that stay close to
the average daily min temp, and an 8' r10 foamboard fence around that.

if the strawbale part has 528ft^2/r50 = 10.6 btu/h-f of conductance, and
144 btu melts a pound of ice, we need 24x5340x10.6/144 = 9398 pounds or
147 ft^3 of ice, ie a 4.6" layer inside the strawbales. freezing it over
1003 hours at 32-4.4 f takes 306 cfm = 16.6asqrt(8x4.4), which makes for
an a = 3.1 ft^2 vent area at the top and bottom. the bottom vent might have
a damper that uses 2 watts when moving, controlled by 32 f thermostat. 

if the fence has 512ft^2/r10 = 51.2 btu/h-f of conductance and the cool
waterwalls only warm 1 f from the average daily min (67.2 f) on an average
76.7 july day, they need 24(76.7-67.2)51.2 = 11674 pounds or 4.3" of water.


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