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re: cop for heat recovery ventilators
27 feb 2003
3d peruna  wrote:

>the last thing you want in a cold climate is to move warm moist air through
>the small cracks and crevices...which is why we spend so much effort sealing
>the house.

these are _bidirectional_ heat exchangers. condense on the way out
and evaporate on the way in. 

>if you have a "perfectly" sealed house, how are you going to accomplish
>the air changes?

note the quotes.

>also, if we have rh of greater than about 45%, we get serious condensation
>on our windows (double pane).

so don't. it's very hard to seal up a house so tight that it accumulates
moisture from human activities in wintertime. 

>using an hrv (heat recovery ventilator) lowers the rh and provides the
>proper air changes.

it's more energy-efficient to also recover latent heat,
if you want to live in a humid house in a cold climate. 


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