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re: stupid question: can i overdrive a solar panel??
31 mar 2003
steve spence  wrote:

>thank you for the additional info.

you are welcome.

>hardly authoritative, but i'll have to take your word for it ;-)

well, rich komp has studied pvs for a long time. the back of his book says 

  practical photovoltaics, the now-classic reference on solar electricity,
  offers a unique combination of technical discussion and practical advice.
  written by physicist, lecturer, and solar home dweller richard komp, the
  book is both a comprehensive guide to the theory, manufacture, present
  status and future of photovoltaics and a detailed installation and
  maintenance manual...

  presented in a clear, concise, and understandable style, dr. komp's
  contribution to pv literature has been called "the best single reference
  available," "the easiest and most complete education on photovoltaics,"
  "one of the best basic books on pv," and "the best of the books." 

>you do agree, however, if joe blow takes a panel, with a 25 year warranty,
>and throws 3 suns at it, it probably isn't going to last 25 years, and the
>warranty will not be honored?

seems likely, with no cooling, altho i have yet to see a panel warranty
that mentions concentration. unisolar says it's fine with them--just don't
exceed 90 c. 


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