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re: how do i finance $5000?
23 apr 2003
stephen  wrote:

>> arrogance and ignorance is an unfortunate combination.
>> the sustainable village also sells spanish sky mats for about $50...
>i agree with the arrogance part but what am i ignorant of?

ohm's law for heatflow ("all that mathematics"), for starters. it's like
ohm's law for electricity, but you replace voltages with temperatures,
currents in amps with heatflow in btu/h, and ohms with r-values and areas. 
this is very basic to solar water heating. even more basic than looking at
catalogs and opening crates and hooking expensive boxes together.

>so far no one's shown me anything better than what i use. i wouldn't have
>my license for long nor would it pass inspection if i installed a sky mat
>and called it a solar water heater, or even a pool heater...

i don't believe that is true. it seems to me you might easily make
an efficient and inexpensive water heater in florida with 3 or 4
thermosyphoning 32"x48" unglazed zomeworks sky mats below a 4'x4'x2'
tall insulated plywood box with an epdm liner and a 42 gallon pressurized
tank inside. with some attention to codes, you might add a $5 thermostat
and a rarely-used $7 3500 w immersion heater for backup. 

>the houses i target are 200k and up, and i'm in florida, not biafra.

congratulations. are we talking physics or fashion statements? :-) 


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