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re: wind energy = cheapest form of electricity with or without subsidies?
29 apr 2003
daestrom  wrote:

>>[wholescale] wind production and pricing would need to consider backup
>>generation, over-sized capacity funding, and possibly short-term storage.
>>when you fully burden wind generation with these other costs that are not
>>needed to the same degree with conventional, wind is *not* cost competitive.

this "fully-burdened" accounting sounds inflexible and bureaucratic.

"small wind" and cogeneration seem promising. utilities "dispatch" random
loads now. you don't need permission to turn on your toaster or water heater.
sources are statistically equivalent to loads. grid-tied pvs don't require
dispatching. wal-mart sells 100 watt window fans for about $11. in reasonable
quantities (eg 10k-100k units), they might sell 100 watt ul-listed grid-tied
windmills for $200. buy one. take it home. plug it in. utilities will adapt. 


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