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re: speeding ticket question
31 may 2003
vijay kumar  wrote:

>go to the court and explain to the judge what happened--throw yourself at
>the mercy of the court...

then again...

  ohio town's key industry: traffic tickets

  by david lam, los angeles times

  ...located along u.s. routh 40 on the western outskirts of cloumbus,
  new rome is three blocks wide and 1,000 feet long. it has 60 residents
  and a police force of 14. operating out of a trailer a block off the
  highway, the officers scurry around like mad 18 hours a day, writing
  so many citations that traffic fines cover 90 percent of new rome's
  $424,000 annual budget. 

  in february, the department issued 184 citations and made 40 arrests.
  patrol officers bag motorists for going 2 mph over the limit. they
  scrutinize vehicles for defective lights. they expect motorists to
  count to three after braking at a stop sign... 

  jeff nourse, a trustee of surrounding prairie township, said: "we're
  never going to be able to develop this area as long as people are
  terrified to drive this stretch of highway. one realtor owns 14
  apartments here, and eight are empty. people won't move in. you might
  as well tell them there's a nice unit available in a leper colony." 

  run for years by a village council whose members were related by blood,
  marriage or business interests, new rome institutionalized its speed trap
  in 1970 and immediately saw village coffers grow flush. this year, the
  council is spending $328,000 on its police department. it has allocated
  nothing for public health, refuse collection, fire prevention, public
  housing, recreation, street repair, firefighting or utilities. 

  ...over the last decade, two clerks in the mayor's court have pleaded
  guilty to theft of funds in office. another resigned when a $56,000
  shortfall was discovered. a fourth has been charged with pilfering and
  is facing trial. additionally, the state auditor says, local officials
  have destroyed and falsified records, not reconciled bank statements,
  discarded deposit slips, and been unable to account for large sums
  collected in court. 

  larry cunningham, new rome's $20,000-a-year police chief, did not respond
  to interview requests. but he told the columbus dispatch in january that
  he was doing all he could to keep village employees' fingers out of the
  cookie jar. 

  "unfortunately, this is not unique to us, " cunningham said. "it happens
  to everybody--from united way to whatever..."


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