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re: multiple fans or a/c more frugal?
11 jun 2003

>>>>raise the airspeed from 0 to 1 m/s (2.4 mph) and they ask for a warmer
>>>>room, with a 28.2 c (82.8 f) vs 24 c (75.2 f) air temp...
>>>you just said that, according to this study, normally dressed
>>>people like a room to be a nice 90 degrees or so...
>>no. i said they (70 kg people) like 75.2 f, according to these studies.

that's our reference case, with no airflow. it seems to me that heavier
people would prefer lower air temps, as their heat-producing volume grows
faster than their heat-dissipating surface. weighing less is also frugaler,
since food costs money. 

>ok, so i misinterpreted that part where you said the study stated :
>	 " lower the wall temp from 28 c (82.4 f) to 20 c (68 f) and
>they'd prefer a much warmer air temp at 31.9 c (89.4 f) vs 24 c (75.2 f.)"
>	i took that to say ' there were some circumstances where
>people said they'd prefer ( for comfort ) an air temperature of 89.4 f

right, if surrounded by 68 vs 82 f walls and ceiling. we might see this in
a house with massy walls after night ventilation with a smart whole house
fan controller (tm), something like a differential enthalpy economizer...
>	or the study is bullshit.

well, these 22,000 data sets don't seem to account for adaptation and
behavior in all climates. for instance, people who live in the british
virgin islands start wearing sweaters when the air temp drops to 85 f.
they are abnormal, statistically-speaking. and other factors influence
comfort, eg music and views and the ability to open a window, even if
people never do so...

btw, grainger is having a sale on chill-it's (tm) evaporative cooling wear...

     lightweight, comfortable cotton bandanas and tie-on triangle hats
     [do not line with tinfoil] help you stay cool, fight fatigue, and
     increase productivity.

     absorbent acrylic polymer activates easily when soaked in cold water
     for 10 to 15 minutes and provides cool comfort for 24 to 48 hours. 

     uses: designed for people in physically active jobs such as
     construction, landscaping, farming, foundries, mining, welding,
     boiler rooms, food service, and laundries.

     o one size fits all
     o cools through evaporation
     o simply resoak to reuse

i like the blue bandana, ergodyne model 6700, grainger
stock number 1um65, normally $4.05, now just $3.19 :-) 


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