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re: free home heating and lighting
28 jun 2003
tomcat14  wrote:

>if you cook the bacon in a microwave you can wrap it in napkins first
>to soak up the grease and you don't even need a pan. when fully
>cooked, just light the paper on fire...

remove the bacon first!

>...and use the microwave as a heat exchanger.

mmmm. heat exchanger :-)

>you can view the fire right through the microwave oven door,
>just like a lincoln log fireplace...

light... charm...

i was talking with my resourceful neighbor tony filipini last week.
he buys up factory closeouts and resells them at flea markets. at one
point, he had over a million pieces of bamboo at his house. he still
has a few hundred thousand ax handles, millions of feet of rope, and
quite a few anvils. he welds a lot, making snow plows and plant stands,
inter alia. tony is very frugal. he has a rusty 55 gallon drum in his
yard punctured with several horizontal pieces of 3/4" rebar through
3" holes near the bottom. the rebar holds up the trash to help it burn
and the holes let air flow in underneath. very clever. tony is burning
paper bags that used to contain cement, some 4" pvc pipe, plastic film,
and so on. it smells awful.

i tell him i'm paying about $30/month for trash removal, and ask if
he has that service too. he says no. he burns most of his trash and
throws the ash and unburnables into a hole in the back yard. doesn't
the hole fill up? "not in 40 years," he says...

burning trash seems more frugal, especially if we can use the heat. 
i used to imagine a magic trash can that ignited trash tossed into
the top (poof) and electrostatically filtered the smoke so it didn't
need venting to the outdoors. nowadays, i think it would be safer to
vent it to the outdoors. it needs a reliable way to light the trash,
maybe a small propane fire just under the rebar...


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