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re: free home heating and lighting
28 jun 2003
bob ward   wrote:

>if your friend tony in the us, i'm pretty sure he's in violation of
>any number of epa regulations designed to prevent air pollution...

>boston - the u.s. environmental protection agency today announced it
>has settled an enforcement case against a north andover-based trash
>incinerator, with the company agreeing to pay a $25,000 penalty and
>fund a $91,000 project to reduce mercury from the waste stream...

doesn't sound frugal.

>among other violations, the company was cited for: failure to monitor
>the rate at which trash was being fed into the incinerator...

tony does that. while we were talking he noticed the fire burning down
and added more of those paper bags that used to contain cement. 

>excess time in which the incinerator's air emissions monitors were not
>measuring emissions...

he's probably ok on that one, since he doesn't have any monitors. our
local trash-to-steam plant does. they doubtless emit 1,000,000,000,000
times more lead than tony, but it's very dilute, and they have a very
tall chimney. no problem.


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