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re: island project - response from mayor
28 jun 2003
harry chickpea  wrote:

>>i'm still not sure why a still is needed, with "65-70" of rain,"
>i'm not sure myself. it would appear that the rain season is quite distinct
>from the dry season and there aren't large catchment areas or storage
>capabilities on the island.

how about off the island? fresh water would float... (if i were an islander
with limited space i might pile up lots of sand or trash around the edges
to make more space...)

>lining a depression with edpm to act as a pond would be very expensive
>and only semi-permanent.

expired us patent no. 3,933,628 (us patents are available for $3 each
from the superintendent of patents and trademarks, washington, dc 20231)
describes a "method and apparatus for the anaerobic digestion of
decomposable organic materials," issued to inventor frederick t. varani
of golden, co on jan 20, 1976, and assigned to bio-gas of colorado.

he describes a way to make methane in conjunction with a 100,000-cow
feedlot, using 2 epdm-rubber-lined trenches, each 700 feet long x 80 feet
wide x 40 feet deep. the trenches have self-inflated translucent "solar
covers" and cost $0.02 per gallon, including excavation...

maybe the islanders can find a natural bowl or gulley of some sort and
save on the excavation... 33 houses x 100 gpd x 200 days per year is
660k gallons or 83k ft^3, eg a (floating? uncovered?) epdm trench that's
40' wide x 40' deep x 52' long, costing less than 0.02x660k = $13.2k(?)


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