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re: nick pine or don klipstein!
2 jul 2003
poohbear   wrote:

>my husband and i disagree about whether or not to keep our garage
>doors open on hot summer days (there are bedrooms above the 2 door
>garage).  he says it cools the house and garage by allowing the
>outside air to circulate into the garage.

you might close the bedroom doors and ac vents during the day...
>i say keeping the garage (insulated) doors closed keeps the outside
>hot air from coming into the garage and thereby heating up the rest of
>the (air-conditioned) house.

sounds reasonable.

>my husband replies by indicating that the garage doors are only
>partially insulated and the two walls (front and side) are not
>insulated.  he says it is hotter in the garage than the outside air,
>when the sun hits the garage doors and un-insulated walls. 
>what do think?

why not fill the garage with flat poly film water ducts on welded-wire
shelves and lock the garage door partly open with a one-way plastic film
damper over the bottom gap and make a trap door over a ceiling fan to cool
the bedroom during the day, and add a whole house fan to a bedroom window
to cool everything at night. you might add a single layer of polycarbonate
air heater glazing over the sunny walls for wintertime solar house heating.

now, would monsieur klipstein have an opinion as to the change in output
and lifetime after adding a) a 100 resistor or b) a diode in series with
a 120 v philips 7 w clear incandescent night light bulb?


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