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re: electric flr heating in passive design
7 jul 2003
steve spence  wrote:

>maybe this would help answer your question.

>i don't have the numbers showing exact emissions of co, co2, nox, pm10,
>pm2.5, so2, voc, and nh3 from oil burners compared to wood gasification, but
>the indications are that wood gasifiers are cleaner overall,with about 1
>gram / hour/ 100,000 btu of pm2.5

i spoke with a solaplus guy this morning who said they didn't measure
pollution the way the epa does. i also spoke with an eren guy who said
woodburners were "generally a lot filfthier than oilburners," pollution-
wise. he suggested looking at under epa.topics and pollution.
prevention for specs. i haven't done that. you might enjoy doing so,
should you wish to provide any evidence for your latest article of faith.


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