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re: heating question
27 sep 2003
lpogoda  wrote:

>>i only mentioned this in response to your comment to the effect that heat
>>pumps are efficient...

>i don't recall saying a heat pump was efficient.  i said that when my
>co-workers and i compared our winter utility bills, mine was the lowest...

i took that to mean "efficient."
>are there ways to do things that ultimately turn out to cost less?

sure. the aforementioned sunspace damper would use 0.033 wh/day,
ie 12.2 wh/year worth 0.12 cents at 10 cents/kwh.

>undoubtedly, especially if you don't put any particular limit on the payback

i built an 8'x8'x24' poly film sunspace in a couple of days with materials
costing about $50. the payback was 1 or 2 months, not counting the added
value of extra floorspace.

>can everyone do all of them?  no.

most houses have a wall or roof facing south within +/- 45 degrees. apartment
dwellers can't add sunspaces, not the hoa-fettered, nor people who live next
to skyscrapers or above the arctic circle... 

>not everyone can live at the top of a hill on the south facing slope
>surrounded by deciduous trees that block the sun in the summer and
>let it through in the winter.

we don't need any stinkeeng hilltops or south slopes or deciduous trees.
shadecloth and venting work fine in summertime :-)

>we work with what we have.

some do.


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