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re: what material use to insulate sound between floors?  rental unit
3 nov 2003
lbbs  wrote:

>our renters have their bedroom in the basement, right underneath the first
>floor kitchen (bungalow house). the noise from the kitchen is fairly loud
>in the mornings. just wondering what material can i use to reduce the noise
>from the ceiling. i want a solution that would not be too expensive. what
>about putting the pink insulation between the joist and then a drop ceiling.
>would that cut down on the noise level or would the difference not be

mass helps...

>...we have an unfinished ceiling in that room, with exposed joists. i was
>thinking a drop ceiling would leave air space between the two floors. has
>anyone found this solution to be helpful?

scots "pug" ceilings by adding soil or ashes above them for soundproofing.
you might also consider poly film greenhouse duct containing 2" of water over
a plywood ceiling. this would allow storing coolth in summertime or warmth
in wintertime by ventilation with outdoor air that's cooler or warmer than
indoor air. summer is easier, with less chance of condensation. 


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