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re: pressurized tank inside of a non-pressurized tank
3 nov 2003
alec chiasson  wrote:

>after searching the patent office website i found 8 patent numbers, and
>the cost of downloading them in pdf format was $27...

i think there are about 36. you might look for an internettiff program at which is specifically designed for viewing,
saving, and printing patents, more than one page at a time. the web site
says you can use the program free for 5 days.

>...if you could post again with an approximate number of documents 
>included on the cd and it's cost (with shipping if handy...canada)
>i'd be much obliged, thanks.

i'd be happy to send you a copy of my cd for, say, $10. it has almost all
of thomason's publications and patents as well as sunspots by steve baer
and bill shurcliff's new inventions in low-cost solar heating book and
other publications.


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