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re: ...geodesic dome questions
8 nov 2003
>a square foot of r2 air heater glazing with 80% solar transmission might gain
>478 btu over 6 hours on an average day. with 70 f air near the glazing, it
>might lose about 6h(70-18)1ft^2/r2 = 156 btu, for a net gain of 332 btu (not
>much), so the extra heat might come from 25k/332 = 78 ft^2 of air heaters, eg
>a 4'x25' skirt around a 4' stemwall, if the floor is 4' above the ground.
>higher heaters might avoid reverse thermosyphoning at night with automatic
>foundation vents, or thermostats and motorized dampers. 

or david delaney's flow separation device, with venting of any excess heat
to the outdoors.


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