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re: 2 or 4 frequency all concrete geodesic dome or monolithic
18 nov 2003
stephen whittaker  wrote:

>"george berz"  wrote in message

>> hi all, i was wondering if any of you have heard of anyone building a
>> geodesic dome entirely out of concrete...
>whay not fiberglass?  before i ever built a wood dome i modeled one using
>construction paper.  you wouldn't believe how easily they blow out at the
>base next to door openings due to weight..

earth berming might help prevent that... a fiberglass or ferrocement mold
might have 1x3 outwardly-angled sides attached to a 1/4" plywood bottom.
lay plastic film in the frame, lay mesh or screen on top, and trowel or
spray on concrete or fiberglass. 

if the frame is supported by the edges, the panels will dish downwards.
triangular panels that bulge into a dome seem easier to make and insulate
and stronger than panels that bulge out from a dome.


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