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re: "money" portion of the parabola
26 nov 2003

>> duffie and beckman's 1991 solar engineering of thermal processes
>> has some discussion about truncating parabolic reflectors...
>$128 used ...wowser ... you should write a book nick :)

hmmm. i wonder if it's out of print. maybe it's time for a new edition.
i'm thinking of writing a book. meanwhilst, i'd be happy to sell a nice
new 2002 877 page 2nd edition of heating and cooling of buildings--design
for efficiency by kreider and rabl for $100, with its cd-rom, vs $120 list.
this is a good basic book for solar house heating, and more.

>osb has gotten a little expensive, plus it's a little bumpy for
>applying the mylar, plus it requires roofing.  i'm looking for a
>waterproof product that is stiff enough to hold up to winds...

how about atlas energy-shield double foil "r7.2" polyiso board,
at $11/4x8x1" sheet? it's easy to cut and kerf, and you can cover
the upper/outer side with a layer of greenhouse poly film to make it
waterproof. if you whitewash the poly, it should last almost forever. 


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