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re: corn cooler (was: hot water from superheat of gwhp)
26 nov 2003
noon-air  wrote:

>i think you should talk to your favorite florist and see who does her/his
>cooler work. they require pretty much the same specs for fresh flowers.
>you can also talk to the folks at

thanks for the suggestion. haven't talked with a florist yet, but i spoke
with an src criminal who told me a 12x16' outdoor unit would cost $7500
plus about $2400 more for installation, which didn't include any electrical
work. he said "drop in units" with one-piece coolers that slipped in a wall
were about 15% more expensive... 

he said the walls were 4" thick, but he didn't know what their r-value was,
and the low-velocity coil provided humidity by "moving air in a **circular**
pattern" inside the box. he said occasional door openings prevented excess
humidity, and mentioned their units usually come with no floor, because
"a cement slab is a good thermal insulator." i hung up after he cautioned
against installing a unit on a wood floor, because "cement is a much better


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