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re: humidifier to reduce need for heating
2 dec 2003
addle-pated, milk-clotted pig-snorker ed clarke   wrote:

>> might say "efficient humidifiers" like green plants or wet clothes
>> on an indoor clothesline use no energy to get water vapor into house air,
>> but it still takes heat energy to evaporate the water. that energy has to
>> come from somewhere, in this case the house heating system. 
>it's still frugal to humidify the house - at least for me.  i have had two
>nose bleeds so far this year and have started to run an ultrasonic humidifier
>in my office to prevent them.  low humidity seems to cause me all kinds of
>problems - stuffed up nose, nose bleeds and a cough like a smoker.
>i'm not sure why this happens, but a woman in the office next to me suggested
>humidification - and loaned me the humidifier.  the problems went away last
>year and seem to have gone away this year as well.  

good. you might look into more air sealing, or a muffler, or
one of those star trek alien steaming harmonica holders... 


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