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re: closet colder by 10 degrees
6 dec 2003
pat dipersia  wrote:

>ok, not sure if this is the correct area for this...

welcome to sci.engr.heat-vent-ac! now go away. 

just kidding.

>i just moved into a house built in 1950 (all brick with pretty much no
>insulation.) anyway, i have a closet in the living room that is on an
>exterior wall. that closet is 10 degrees cooler than the living room.
>i imagine it's mainly because we always keep the closet closed.

sure. if it's 70 f in the living space and 60 in the closet and 30 f
outdoors, you have something like this, viewed in a fixed font: 

     r1    |   rv
70---www---*---www---30, where rv is the r-value of the outside closet wall. 

>but is this a sign of how much "energy" we're losing in the entire house if
>the "unheated" closet is 10 degrees colder?

sure. this insulation meter has an uncalibrated nominal r1 closet door.
i = (70-60)/1 = 10 btu/h, so rv = (60-30)/10 = 3. you might improve it
by air-sealing the closet door and adding 2" r10 styrofoam: 

     r11   |   rv
70---www---*---www---30, where tc is the closet temp. if rv = 3,

i = (70-30)/(11+3) = 2.9 btu/h, and you might measure tc = 30+2.9x3 = 38.6 f. 


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