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re: inside home design for efficency
14 dec 2003
lpogoda  wrote:
>if the house is basically a cube (instead of something like a long rambling
>ranch style structure) there is less surface area per unit volume the bigger
>the house gets.  a cubical box one foot on a side has a surface area of six
>square feet and a volume of one cubic foot, while a cube two feet on a side
>has a volume of eight cubic feet and a surface area of twentyfour square
>feet.  the surface to volume ratio is 6:1 in the first instance and 24:8 (or
>3:1) in the second instance.  so proportionately, the bigger box looses heat
>more slowly than the smaller box - it's more "efficient", everything else
>being equal.

it also costs less per square foot of floorspace and has more volume 
that might be used to store solar heat. if it's only occupied by one
family using electricity indoors, smaller is better, in a cold climate,
but bigger is better, if it's a multifamily structure. with enough
people inside, it needs no extra heat, even on very cold days, just
people heat and heat from their electrical usage. 

if each family uses 600 kwh/month and occupies 1024 ft^2,
how many are needed to keep an r20 cube 70 f on a 30 f day?


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