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re: most efficient refrigerator
28 jan 2004
daestrom  wrote:

>> >> >...a 'full' unit has less free air to 'spill'.  which is why a unit
>> >> >that is full or nearly so runs more economically than an empty.

i'm questioning that. have you ever seen a serious study that says a full
fridge uses less energy than an empty one? how much less? googling reveals
this claim on a few web sites (eg bob vila's), but it is unsupported, and
most of the sites that mention it also recommend cleaning the coils below
the fridge to save energy, even tho (oddly enough) lbl researchers have
debunked that myth.

the maryland energy office site more carefully claims that a full fridge
"retains cool temperatures better... especially during power outages."

>> >> otoh, it has more surface to instantly condense water vapor
>> >> from room air with a 50 f dewpoint when the door is open...

from _flowing_ room air, driven by temp diffs which increase with more
cold heat exchange surface with high conductance to cold thermal mass.

>> >but if you open the door to fetch something then close it, the total
>> >amount of water vapor let into the 'full' one is less...
>> that could be true of a chest freezer, but air flows continuously when
>> a fridge door is open, and the driving force is the temp diff...
>> >in both, the water vapor that gets in will eventually be condensed.
>> imo, "the" water vapor would be condensed very quickly, while the door
>> is still open and the air is still flowing.

please note the continuously flowing air, vs a one-time slug replacement.

>the point of what i posted was that if you compare the energy usage of two
>identical freezers, with one 'empty' and one 'full', the 'full' one uses
>less energy.

do you have any proof of this claim? to me, basic science teaches the reverse.

>not comparing uprights with chests or anything else.  stick to
>one variable, the one i posted about, and you'll get the point.

maybe not :-)


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