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re: solar heating for barn
9 feb 2004
gary  wrote:

>based on your comments, i will increase the spacing between the glazing and
>the siding to at least 6 inches.  i take it that h/15 inches is not the
>ideal -- i.e. that more is better.

yes, if you can make the air move more slowly, but you start to lose more heat
through the "roof" and sidewalls. you might also use translucent siding, eg 
barn skylight panels with the same corrugation pattern as the metal siding,
and leave the wall cavity uninsulated behind the collector, and insulate
inside the inside wall.

>i will also try to grow the collector height and width as much as my
>aesthetics boss allows :-)

good... maybe 24 or 32 vs 16'.

>i also plan to build the top vents such that a single horizontal duct could
>be used to connect them all at a later date -- this would allow a single
>duct fan to be used to provide forced circulation.  but, i want to try the
>free convection first.
>thanks for the details on the flapper valve design.

you are welcome. you might have one long piece of plastic film that covers
all the holes, with a vertical gap between the top of the holes and the flap
hinge so it requires less bouyant air pressure to open, at a smaller angle.

>i hope to get it all done in the next couple weeks.
>i'll post a message to let the group know how it works out.
good luck,


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