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re: saving energy...
15 feb 2004
larry w4csc  wrote:

"chad lafarge"  wrote:
>>my loving spouse and i are looking for ideas to conserve energy...

in cool climates, space heating is the largest slice of the energy pie.

>are your hot water pipes insulated from the hot water tank to the fixtures?

this makes sense, for a few feet near the water heater.

>got a basement?  is it heated?  if not, how much warmer than the
>outside air is the basement right now?  (that heat comes through the
>uninsulated floor and the poorly insulated heating and hot water system.)

warm air rises. that heat is more likely from warmer underground soil.

>how about the crawl space heating flues?  are they insulated?  why not?

why not warm the house with escaping flue heat? or do you mean ducts?
>>we currently use mostly cfs... about 20 of them, and find them ok...
>>we open blinds in the day, and close at night, and we're about to
>>purchase a "kill a watt" to see where else we're spending some of
>>our energy dollars on phantom loads.
>this is the biggest farce ever put on someone.  sell them a $16 light
>bulb that's bound to fail because of its complexity.

maybe $2. everything fails, even a 7,000 hour cf vs a 750 hour incandescent.

>let's do some arithmetic.....


>60 watt light bulb that runs 10 hours a day for a 30 day month.
>60 x 10 x 30 = 18,000 watt hours a month x .001 = 18 kwh x your
>electric rate.  sc, where i live, rips us off at 8c/kwh.  lots pay
>less than half that.

in phila, we pay about 15 cents/kwh.

>let's make it 5c/kwh for the problem's sake.

tra la...

>18 x .05 = $0.90/month to run a 60w bulb for 10 hours a day, every
>day.  coffee at any restaurant is more.  for 90c/month you can enjoy
>your 60w warm colored tungsten bulb.  enjoy it!  if you run ten of
>these 60w bulbs for ten hours a day, it's $9/month...

if you run 10 15 w cfs, it's $2/month. why waste money and energy?

>i meet people going to "save power" by running an electric heater
>instead of lighting off their central heating system...

good idea, for a small room, or a heater under a desk. 

>do you have a separate home freezer?  these are the dumbest power hogs
>consumers own.

do they use more power than fridges?

>not much is funnier than someone carefully packaging and freezing
>vegetables that sell for 59c a pound and packing them in a home
>freezer for $35/month in electric usage.

your freezer uses $35/30/0.05 = 23 kwh/day? recent fridge/freezers
use about 400 kwh/year, ie 1.08 kwh/day. last week, my supermarket
was selling porterhouse steak for $10.25 a pound, but every month
or so, the price is closer to $3...

>the damned greenies in their drug-induced haze now prevent you from
>buying an r-12 refridgerator like mine that draws forty watts when
>it's running.  r-12 runs on a lot less pressure than r-22 does.  it
>compresses and cools with much less work than r-22.

would you hafve any evidence for this article of faith?

>sorry you can't buy a new one like mine, any more.

why would you want to buy a 40 watt 3 ft^3 fridge, when an 18.8 ft^3
energy star fridge/freezer only uses 1.08kwh/24h = 45 watts? :-)


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