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re: aprilaire humidifier choice question
4 apr 2004
dave  wrote:

>i got the 600 for 250 installed.  did i pay too much?

maybe, compared to more air sealing (caulk, etc.) and some green plants.
humidifiers are expensive to operate in air-leaky houses in cold climates,
counting the space heating energy needed to evaporate water.

if you don't like green plants, you might use a humidistat and a solenoid
valve from an old washing machine and a soaker hose on the basement floor.

and maybe add a dehumidifier (a heat pump with a cop of about 1.6) upstairs,
in a house with electric resistance heating.

herbach and rademan (800) 848-8001 sell a $4.95
navy surplus humidistat, item number tm89hvc5203, with a 20-80% range,
a 3-6% differential, and a 7.5a 125v switch that can be wired to open
or close on humidity rise.


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