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re: whole house fan: vertical  mount ok?
12 apr 2004
edwin pawlowski  wrote:

>...most house fans you see today are the cheap box fans that can sit on
>a window sill.  years ago, there were better made, higher capacity fans
>for window mounting just as you intend. now they are harder to find.
>grainger 4tm66 is probably something you could use.

their $183 3c614 is also nice, and more efficient, moving 8908 cfm with
180 w (49 cfm/w) vs 3290 with 90 w (36 cfm/w) for the $73 4tm66. 

then again, a 2'x8' stairway door with a 24' height difference between
basement windows and gable vents might move 16.6(2'x8')sqrt(24'x10f)
= 4115 cfm with a 10 f indoor/outdoor temperature difference at night.


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