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re: uv water purification
22 apr 2004
jerry ellinghuysen  wrote:

>my biggest issue has been that most uv emitters life span are severely
>shortened by turning off and on.

about 6 minutes per turn-on?

>the watt draw isn't big, but its continual.

i seem to recall about 100 watts and a yearly $100 bulb replacement. 

>my thoughts right now is that its best to bit the bullet and design
>such that the uv light remains on full time.

as i recall, warmup takes about 2 minutes, which seems to indicate
a need to store a 2-minute water flow, eg 20 gallons. 

>what i really would like to do is use ozone in a holding tank, followed
>by uv at point of entry into the house. this removes residual ozone and
>acts as a final bactericide.

uv removes ozone? why remove it? it might help
prevent regrowth of bacteria downstream...


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