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re: circulating basement-cooled air - should i?
21 may 2004

> (m ransley) wrote:

>>its 68f 60 % rh in my basement 78f 85%rh upstair...

an upstairs dewpoint td = (78+460)/(1-(78+460)ln(0.85)/9621)-460 = 73.2 f.

>i just opened my baseent vents and turned on the blower  in 5 minutes
>im down 5%rh  and 2 f  it feels better
that's nice. you might use an ac with low airflow to dehumidify
at the same time, to keep the dew point below the basement temp. 

>and what's the humidity in your basement now?  that would be the major
>downside to this kind of thing...

a little condensation could be ok, if it dried out soon.


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