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re: solar barn version 2
21 may 2004
gary   wrote:

>i have wondered about just siding the south wall with polycarbonate 
>glazing panels.  i think it might be kind of noisy in the wind, and 
>something else would have to provide the shear strength, but?

you might screw them into horizontal purlins. i'd use the 4' width
greenhouse roofing materials. 

>i had several of these 2ftx4ft test panels (with different types of 
>siding) all running at the same time (i.e. seeing the same solar input). 
>  my thought was that the one that produces the highest temperature on 
>the inside of the siding (the room side) must be transfering the most 
>heat to the room??  and, therefore was the most efficient?

i guppose that's true for an opaque surface, but a transparent surface
would be more efficient.

>typically, the siding with the highest inside the room surface 
>temperature had the lowest outside surface temperature -- which means 
>less loss to the outside world?


>i can understand sunmans's facination with the ir surface temperature 
>measuring devices -- they are a wonder :-)

they used to cost about $10k. iirc, radio shack's latest version is $35.

>> david delaney's flow organizer could simplify the barn heater, with
>> one layer of glazing and one layer of window screen, some dark barn
>> siding, and insulation behind that. no dampers...
>sounds interesting -- is david's "flow organizer" work available?

sure. he's posted here, and has elaborate drawings on his web site.


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