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ul 1741 highlights
27 may 2004
for all you backwards lamp dimmer engineers :-)

45.2.2 the output of a utility-interactive inverter [uii] shall have a
power factor of 0.85 when the unit is connected to the rated dc input and to
a simulated utility source [sus] and operated at 100% of the rated output...

45.4.2 for a uii, the total harmonic distortion (thd) of the rms current,
see 2.40a, shall be less than 5% of the fundamental at full load. individual
odd harmonics shall not exceed the limits specified in table 45.1. individual
even harmonics shall not exceed the limits specified in table 45.2. the
measurements are to be made with the inverter delivering 100% of its
rating to a sus...

table 45.1 (view in a fixed font)

odd harmonics        distortion limit (%)

  3rd through 9th    4.0
11th through 15th    2.0
17th through 21st    1.5
23rd through 33rd    0.6
   above the 33rd    0.3

table 45.2

even harmonics       distortion limit (%)

 2nd through 10th    1.0
12th through 16th    0.5
18th through 22nd    0.375
24th through 34th    0.15
   above the 36th    0.075

45.4.3 the total rms of the voltage harmonic distortion of the sus
shall be less than 2% without the inverter operating. 

45.5 dc injection

45.5.1 a uii shall not inject dc current into the ac output greater
than 0.5% of the rms value of the rated inverter output current when
the inverter is connected to its rated dc supply and a sus. 

46. utility compatibility

46.1.1 when a uii... is required to be connected to a sus by sections
46.2-46.4, the sus shall be in accordance with 41.3.

46.2 utility voltage and frequency variation test

46.2.1 with reference to 39.1 and 46.2.3, a uii initially exporting power
within normal operating range shall cease to export power to the sus after
the output voltage and frequencey of the sus are adjusted to each condition
specified in table 46.1 within the time specified in the table...

table 46.1

condition voltage                frequency         max time
          v                      hz                seconds (cycles)

a         0.5vnor (b)            rated             0.1    (6)
b         0.5vnor

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