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re: "zero-energy houses"
31 may 2004
joe bramblett, kd5nrh  wrote:

>>>a typical "zero-electrical-energy house" can be expensive, with
>>>a $40k pv system. has anyone ever built a true zero-energy house,
>>>if we include fossil fuels
>> that's easy!  just place it in a location where you don't need
>> heating!  8*}
>welcome to central texas.

sounds like a start, but do the pvs produce as much energy
as the gas or propane water heater uses? fsec estimates no,
even if it's a solar water heating system with fossil backup.
a house might easily use 20 kwh/day of gas for water heating,
ie it might have a 4 kw array just for that energy, or an
ac desuperheater (although they do not seem to be part of
the "zeh" program.)


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