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re: average electricity usage?
31 may 2004

>>>by opening windows in the evening, you can keep the house and its thermal
>>>mass closer to the average daily min than the 24-hour average temp (or
>>>higher, given some internal heat gain and sun in the windows.) this seems

but paul disagrees :-)

>>>...the energy required to dehumidify a houseful of humid air (once)
>>>is small compared to the potential coolth gain.

but paul disagrees :-)

>>>say you live near phila, like me, and it's an nrel average 71.8 june day
>>>with an 81.7 average daily max and a 61.8 average daily min and a constant
>>>(day and night) absolute humidity ratio w = 0.0080 pounds of water per
>>>pound of dry air. suppose the house has a 200 btu/h-f thermal conductance
>>>and 2000 btu/h of internal heat gain (adding 10 f to the outdoor temp) and
>>>you want to keep it at 75 f max...

>>>consider two scenarios:
>>>1. ac all day, with 24h(2000-(71.8-75)200) = 32.6k btu, about 6 hours
>>>of window-rattling.
>>>2. open the windows at night, cool a thermal mass c to 65 f, and let it
>>>warm to 75 f over 12 hours, so 75 = 91.7+(65-91.7)e^(-12/rc), which makes
>>>rc = -12/(ln(75-91.7)/(65-91.7)) = 25.6 hours = c/200, so c = 5114 btu/f,
>>>with 0.00 btu of air conditioning...
>	more of nick's theoretical bullshit that doesn't actually work.

an assertion demands no more than a counterassertion. to effectively
disagree with basic physics, you need to talk about basic physics... 
it isn't enough to wander around the world hurling insults, denying
gravity, and soliciting oral sex from other men :-)


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